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S2121 - Casing Top (Lid) for Olympus, Titan, Capri, Delphi and Classic C1 Models

S2121 - Casing Top (Lid) for Olympus, Titan, Capri, Delphi and Classic C1 Models

Product Description

Miele Canister Casing Top for S2121 Models.
Including Olympus, Titan, Capri, Delphi and Classic C1 models.
All Genuine origninal parts.

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Miele Model S314 Canister Vacuum Tool Lid - Original Color -Brilliant White, Brick Red, Royal Blue (Specify Your Color)
Miele Model S314 Canister Vacuum Tool Lid - Original Colors -Brilliant White, Brick Red, Royal Blue
Original Part - Select your model then ordering. Original colors are limited. "Deep Black" is default color when original color is not available.
Miele Direct Connect Electric Wand SET220
Direct Connect Electric Wand
Miele Part #41996432USA - SET 220

(For use with S300-S600 & S5000 series)
SET 220 Direct Connect Electric Telescopic Wand provides electric connection to powerbrush without external cord. SET220 Compatible For The S300-S600 And The S5 Series and S2 Series/ Air Tight/ Minimal Air Leakage/ Enhances Suction Performance/ Stainless Steel Finish
SET 220 Direct Connect Telescopic Electric Wand is designed to be used with the SEB 236, SEB 217 and SEB 217-2 Powerbrushes and SES 125, SES 115 and SES 118 Electric Hoses. SET 220 is not to be used with SEB 234 nor SEB 213-2 Powerbrushes which has to be used with regular wands.
Drain Elbow Assembly for Miele Hoses -S200 -S300 - S500 Models
Genuine Replacement Hose End Elbow Connector for Miele Hoses.
Look Up Your Canister Model Number and Select Correct Model Number from Model Drop Down Menu Before Ordering.
Miele HEPA AirClean 30 Filter For Models - S300, S400, S500, S600, S800, S2000, S7000 Series
Miele SF-HA 30 HEPA AirClean filter fits in S2000, S7000, C1, U1 and older S300-S899 series Miele vacuums.
This filter has a true HEPA filtration layer that removes 99.95%+ of microns 0.1 or greater in size.
Combined with a rubber air tight sealing system around the sides of the filter, you have the ideal setup for allergy sufferers or anyone looking to enjoy a higher quality of air in their home.
Miele has recommended changing once every 18 months for standard user volumes (or approx. 50hrs of use).
To help users remember when to change their filters, New upgraded SF-HA 30 featured with a time release color strip has been added. This strip slowly fills with red until after one years time, the whole strip becomes red.
F/J/M 3D AirClean Miele Canister Bags, 1 Box 4/PK
  Genuine Miele AirClean Vacuum Bags
For Models:

  • S241 - S256i
  • S290 - S291
  • S300i - S399
  • S500 - S578
  • S700 - S758
  • S4000 - S4999
  Includes 4 Bags + 1 Dust Compartment filter, 1 Super Air Clean Filter  

Miele Part# 07805100,
Miele Belt - SEB213, 217 STB205, Miele Part# 04897760
Genuine Miele Belt for SEB213, SEB213-2, SEB217, SEB217-2 Power Brush Nozzle Unit. Also for STB205 and STB205-2 TurboBrush Unit. Sold Each. Cog Belts Usually Last Three to Five or Even More Years If Brush Rooer is Properly Maintainted (Miele Part# 04897760)