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Crevis Tool with Brush - Vacuum Attachment

Crevis Tool with Brush - Vacuum Attachment
Listed Price:$12.95
Our Price:$10.95

Product Description

Crevis Brush

This Crevis Tool with Brush gently dusts those hard-to-reach places in just one quick sweep!. Soft tufts combined into a tapered 5" sweeping span to make this the most universlal dusting tool for any vacuum.

  • Safely clean: Windows, Picture Frames, Baseboards, Crown Molding, Trim, Fine Furniture, Bookshelves, Books, Car Interiors, Lamps, Shades, Air Vents, Corners, Stairways, Appliances, Nooks and crannies and much more..
  • Attaches to all major brand vacuums including : Eureka, Electrolux, Hoover, Kenmore, Kirby, Panasonic, Royal, ShopVac and all standard 1 1/4" vacuum hose. -Universal adapter included.
  • Durable, Washable, Professional quality.