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Electrolux Repair Parts & Accessories

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Original Electrolux Canister Models
Early Model Canisters: Model XXX(30), Model G, Model AE,
Classic Model - Canisters
Model 1205, Super J, Olympia One, Silverado, Diamond Jubilee, Grand Marquise, Ultralux, LE, Ambassador, Diplomat, 2100, EPIC, Guardian, 9000, Lux, AERUS
Original Electrolux Upright Models:
Discovery, Discovery II, Discovery III, Prolux, Prolux Plus
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Electrolux Model Legend from 1924 - Present

Electrolux - Oxygen Series Models : click for Bags, Filters and Repair Parts
Electrolux Pronto EL1000A, Electrolux Aptitude Upright -EL5010A, Electrolux Oxygen 3 EL5035A
Harmony CanisterEL6985A, EL6989A, EL7000A, EL7020A

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Electrolux Guardian, EPIC - Power Nozzle Elbow Connector
Electric Wand for Electrolux Guadian, EPIC Series Model
Electrolux EPIC, Guardian Wand Clip
Electrolux Guardian Canister Vacuum HEPA Filter
Electrolux Power Nozzle II Brush Roll
Electrolux Power Nozzle IV Brushroll
Electrolux Power Nozzle V and Upright Brushroll
Non-Electric Hose for All Electrolux Classic Models with Metal Tank
OEM Quality Electrolux Type J Hose - for Super J and Metal Tank
OEM Quality Electrolux Type LE Hose - for Plastic Case
Electrolux - Replacement Hose (Super J)
Replacement Electrolux Hose - for LE - 2100 models (Electric)
Electrolux OEM Hose for EPIC, 6500, 7000, Legacy
Genuine Electrolux Hose for Guardian Canister - Blue
Genuine Electrolux Hose for Guardian - Grey
Electrolux Hose for Harmony Canister - EL6985A
Electrolux- Oxygen Hose for Electrolux Model EL6988E, 6988D
Electrolux - Oxygen 3 Electric Hose, EL7000A
Genuine Electrolux Hose for Oxygen 3 Ultra - Models EL7020A, 7005, 7025, 7055
Electrolux- Electric Telescopic Wand for Oxygen3 Canister Model EL7000A
Electrolux - Telescopic Wand for Oxygen 3 Ultra Models EL7020A, 7025, 7055, 7005
Electrolux-Oxygen Electronic Power Head Brush Roller - 61699-2
Electrolux Upright Belt - Discovery, Discivery II, Discovery III, Prolux, Prolux Plus
Electrolux Oxygen - Bags, Filters, Belts, Hose & Accessories
Electrolux Original Floor/Rug Conbination Tool
Electrolux Floor/Rug Combination Attachment Tool for Guardian/EPIC series Models
Electrolux Automatic Cord Winder Assembly for LE, 2100, EPIC, 6500 Models
Electrolux Canister Motor for LE, 2100, Diplomat, Ambassador, EPIC, 6500 Models
Electrolux Discovery, Discovery II, Prolux, Pullman Upright Motor
Electroux Power Nozzle Motor for PN5, PN 6 and Uprights
Electrolux Canister On-Off Switch for Later Models with Plastic Casing
Electrolux Canister Switch- for Earlier Models with Metal Tank
Electrolux Earlier Model Canister Switch for Model 1205
Electrolux Canister Switch - Pre-mounted - for Earlier Models with Metal Tank
Electrolux Power Nozzle and Upright Safety Circuit Breaker
Electrolux Upright 3 Way Rocker Switch
Electrolux/AERUS Upright 3 Way Rocker Switch
Non-Electric Hose for All Electrolux Classic Models with Metal Tank
Electrolux - Classic Canister Power Nozzle Wand - Sheath Cord
Electrolux Power Nozzle Cord for PN 5
Complete Attachment Hose for Discovery-Prolux Upright Vacuum
Electrolux Side Kick II - Motor Driven Hand Held Power Nozzle
Electrolux Classic Model Upper Wand Set- Complete with Sheath, Metal inner tube and Cord and Plug
20 Feet Replacement Cord for Electrolux Auto Winding Cord Reel -
Eletrolux Motor Carbon Brush - Super J, Olympia, Silverado, Diamond Jubilee motors 2/PK
Catbon Brush for Electrolux Model 1205/1210
Electrolux Central Vacuum Round Foam Filter- Also fits Filtex
Electrolux EPIC Adapter - To Fit Standard Attachments
Electrolux - Bag Full Indicator Control Diaphragm Valve Assembly
Replacement Power Nozzle for Electrolux Canister Models
Electrolux Classic Power Nozzle Cord for PN 6
Combination Dusting-Upholstery Attachment Tool for Electrolux - Original
Electrolux Belt EL093 Belt for Oxygen Models EL6988, 6989, EL7020 and EL7025 Series. 2/PK
Electrolux Upright Switch for Discovery, Discovery II and Prolux Models that Use Sliding 3 Way Switch
Electrolux Belt EL-097, Also For Sanitaire SC9150, EL8500, 8501, 8502, 8505, BEAM Q100 Power Nozzle
Electrolux Upright Duct-Connector Hose for - Discovery, Discovery II, Prolux, Prolux Commercial, Lux 3000, EPIC 3500,