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Miele Bags, Filters, Accessories and Tools

Miele Bags - Filters
Mieles IntensiveClean dustbags are the most effective and hygienic method of removing dust from the home while maintaining superior indoor air quality.
Miele Filters - Bags
Air Clean Filters, Super Air Clean Filters, HEPA Filters, AAC-50 For Galaxy Models,
Active Air Clean Filters with an active charcoal Cassette.
Miele Attachments-Tools- Accessories : Power Nozzles, Turbo Brushes, Floor Brushes
Parquet Floor Brushes - Smooth Floor Brushes - Turbo Brushes - SAB 103 Accu Nova Cordless Powerbrush - SEB213 - SEB 217 - SEB234 - SEB226 - SEB236
Miele Hoses
Find All Type Miele Hoses : Non Electric Hose - Electric Hose - Direct Connect Hose

Electric Hose :
SES100 | SES105 | SES110 DC | | SES113 | SES118
Miele Wands - Pipes

Selecting Miele Wands

Electric Telescopic Wand : Telescopic Wand with Electric Direct Connection for models with Electric Power Nozzle. SET 220
Non Electric Telescopic Wand : Telscopic Wand without Electric Connection for Models not using Electric Power Nozzle.
Standard Wand : Standard Two Piece Wand - Manually connecting for older type models. You may upgrade to Non-Electric Telescopic Wand.


Attachments - Dusting Tools
Dusting Brush, Crevice Nozzle, Upholstery Nozzle, Radiator Brush, STB101 Turbo brush, MicroSet, Car CleanSet PLUS