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Miele Brushrolls

Vacuum Cleaner Brushrolls (Genuine Agitator Brushes)

Find Genuine Agitaor Brushrolls for your Vacuum machine.
Brushrolls in this section are Genuine Parts from the original manufacturers and Guaranteed to fit and perform original quality.
What is Agitator Brush ?
Agitaor brushes are the most hard working and most wearing part of an upright vacuum or a power nozzle of canister vacuum. Most likely, agaitaor brushes are driven by motor shaft connected by a belt.
New Agitator Brush Can Save Hundreds of $$ !
Our years of repair and service record shows that more than 50% of the repair problems originated from broken or poorly maintained agitator brushes. If the belt keeps breaking, machine vibrates or bristles are worn and not picking up well, try putting a new brushroll before throwing out the vacuum. Your vacuum cleaner may regain the original power and dramatically improve.
Double Check your Model Number and Original Part No.
Please check your brand, model number and part no to find right brushroll.
Brush Part Numbers are normally listed in the manual. Some of the models have brush part number printed on the unit ID tag together with the model number, serial number etc.
Can not find your Brushroll ?
If you do not see what you are looking for, please e-mail or call us with your brand name, model number or part number. We probably have it. Brushrolls shipped within 24 HRs.

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