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Miele Direct Connect Electric Wand SET220

Miele Direct Connect Electric Wand SET220

Product Description

Direct Connect Electric Wand
Miele Part #41996432USA - SET 220

(For use with S300-S600 & S5000 series)
SET 220 Direct Connect Electric Telescopic Wand provides electric connection to powerbrush without external cord. SET220 Compatible For The S300-S600 And The S5 Series and S2 Series/ Air Tight/ Minimal Air Leakage/ Enhances Suction Performance/ Stainless Steel Finish
SET 220 Direct Connect Telescopic Electric Wand is designed to be used with the SEB 236, SEB 217 and SEB 217-2 Powerbrushes and SES 125, SES 115 and SES 118 Electric Hoses. SET 220 is not to be used with SEB 234 nor SEB 213-2 Powerbrushes which has to be used with regular wands.