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Pet Lovers Choice

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Pet Lovers' Choice of Cleaning Products

The prodcuts in this section are carefully selected based on track record of customer satisfaction and proven cleaning industry favorites in dealing with following 3 categories of typical Pet Lovers' problems.

  • Pet Hair Cleaning
    Regardless of Long, Short, Soft or Hard, pet hairs are the most stubborn stuff to vacuum clean. Depending on the type of your floor (bare floor - carpet) you should choose vacuum cleaners carefully. Few examples:
    High Pile carpet : Upright Vacuum may work better.
    Standard Carpet : Lighter duty upright or Canister with Electric Power Head should work better.
    Bare Floors: Canister with Horse Hair Bristle Floor Attachment.
  • Stains and Odor Control
    Chemical products listed in this section are "proved working" Satisfaction Guaranteed products. All products have been tested by pet owners like you for many years. The manufacturers of these products are specialized in pet stain remover and pet odor neutralizers. More serious pet odor can only be controled by Active Carbon Filter installed air cleaners.
  • Indoor Air Quality Control for Healthy Environment
    Did you know that Pet hair and Pet dander are the most ignored but common indoor pollutant that trigger allergies ? Have you ever experience coughing or sneezing while vacuuming or immediately after vacuuming the floor?
    You may be the victim of the pet allergen sprayed in the air by the vacuum machines exhaust air. You may need good quality air cleaner to improve indoor air quality.

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