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Home Back Pack Vacuum VX2000

Home Back Pack Vacuum VX2000
Listed Price:$495.00
Our Price:$389.95
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Product Description

This Item Has Been Discontinued. No Longer Available - Reference only.
VX 2000 Back Pack

The first backpack vacuum designed specifically for home use, the VX2000 is like an ultra-light hiking pack.
Weighing just 9 pounds, it is mobile, versatile and convenient where as other vacuums are awkward and cumbersome during cleaning.
Since studies have proven that backpack vacuums clean significantly faster than standard upright vacuums, we invite you to clean with ProTeam®

Power 1100W
Weight Only 9 lbs
Filtration Seven Level
Intercept Micro Filter 225 sq. inch
Airflow 115 CFM
Static lift 93 in.
Tools Included Hose, Telescopic Wand, Combo 1.25 inch Rug/floor tool, dust brush, Upholstery Tool, Crevice Tool and 2 Micro Filters
This Item is one of the most Popular Back Pack Vacuums for Cleaning Proffessionals - Highly Mobile, Versatile and Convenient!