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SEBO Air Belt C3.1 with Motorized Power Head ET-C

SEBO Air Belt C3.1 with Motorized Power Head ET-C

Product Description

SEBO Air Belt C3.1 Canister Vacuum Cleaner with Motorized Power Head ET-C

The SEBO airbelt C3.1 canister vacuum cleaner offers Superior Design, Performance and Value. The first rate features on the Sebo air belt C3.1 are truly exciting to see on a canister vacuum in this price range. This is a power house of a vacuum that offers superior suction and user friendly controls and tools -- and it's a lighter weight overall than some of the high end models we carry.

SEBO has certainly done their engineering homework, and it shows on this C3.1 model.

The SEBO air belt C3.1 offers suction control at the handle, and the choice of ET-C power head. For the optimal deep cleaning and care of your carpet, the SEBO air belt C3.1 is the ideal machine. It is one of the best we have seen with a powerhead, electrified telescoping wand, and large capacity vacuum bag.

This is a top of the line vacuum cleaner for $300 less than it's comparable rival, and provides high end features without premium pricing. Most vacuums with an electrified telescopic wand are over $1,000, and this feature allows the operator to change tools quickly without any plugs or reconnections - just snap in the tools and clean.

Includes 3 tools that are stored neatly away inside the canister as pictured in features section - available at the push of a button which pops the lid of the caddy open; 3 high grade, specialized tools fit snugly in place and snap on and off the vacuum wand easily.

SEBO canister vacuum cleaners are made to last a very long time - longer than the majority of other vacuums.

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Micron Filtration System meets S Class machine filtration standard, electrostatic microfilter, exhaust filter. This system does not contain a HEPA filter.
Tools on-board included Crevice tool, upholstery tool, small dusting brush, plus standard powerhead and floor parquet brush
Optional Tools-Parts and Supplies Attachment set (3-pieces: straight tube, floor and wall brush, extension hose), vacuum filter bag box (10 pack), straight tube, wall and floor brush, extension hose, radiator brush, flat upholstery nozzle, turbo brush, combined micro-odor charcoal filter for odor control


ET-C Power Head Specs

Weight: 4.6 lbs
Brush Motor: 150 watts
Width: 11.7"
Brush Width: 11.5"
Brush Rollers: replaceable
Brush Drive: toothed belt with electronic overload protection
Protection: double insulated
Radio Suppression: to CISPR
Waterlift (Suction Power) 90 inches of water
Weight 16.5 lbs
Construction - Color Thermal cut-out - White
Power Cord length 21 ft.
Dust vacuum bag capacity 1.4 gallons ( 3-layer filter vacuum bag)
Vacuum Cleaner Motor 1250 watts
Airflow (CFM) 170 cfm
Noise Level 63 decibels

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