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SEBO Air Belt K Series Canister

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SEBO air belt K Series
Design innovation ? compact, lightweight, powerful.

SEBO air belt K3-Red Innovation shows in every aspect of the design of the K-Series canisters, from the air belt bumper system to the clever tool storage and easy bag change. These vacuums are light and compact, yet durable and powerful.

Modern technology, state-of-the-art design and consistent customer focus are found in all SEBO products. Try a SEBO canister vacuum cleaner and you will be impressed by the outstanding cleaning power, quiet operation, its first-class filtering system and, of course, ease of use.

Special Features

  • Light and compact, making it easy to operate and store.
  • Powerful performance
  • Quiet operation
  • Durability - SEBO canisters are made to last
  • FULL-SIZE, on-board tools
  • Rubber coated wheels prevent damage to floors and rotate 360 for easy maneuverability
  • Quick-release for ease of brush head change
  • Large control switches for power & cord retractor
  • High-quality telescopic tubes that provide convenient handle-height adjustment
  • 26-foot operating range
Air Belt K2-Volcano

   See SEBO K2 Air Belt with Combo Nozzle (Blue)
  See SEBO K2 Air Belt Volcano with Combo Nozzle (Burgundy)
  See SEBO K3 Air Belt with Parquet Brush(Red)

Choose from two high-power models:
The SEBO air belt K2 is a straight-suction vacuum equipped with the versatile Combination Nozzle for use on both hard floors and carpet. The SEBO air belt K3 includes an electrified telescopic tube designed to accommodate the optional ET-H or the ET-C power head, for thorough brushing and optimal cleaning of your carpet. It also offers suction control at the handle and the Parquet Brush for hard floors.
  See Other Optional Accessories

Easily Accessible Full-Size Attachments
On-board attachments for the K-series include the dusting brush, the crevice tool and the upholstery nozzle. Combination Nozzle standard accessory tool for the K2.

K Attachments

Parquet Brush
Parquet Brush
Standard accessory tool for the K3, optional tool for the K2.
Cobimation Nozzle
Combination Nozzle
Standard accessory tool for the K2
Turbo Head
Turbo Head

The 3-Step Filtration System:
First, the three-layer filter bag (a) collects the vast majority of the debris.

Then, any remaining particles are collected by the hospital-grade microfilter (b).

Finally, the micro-exhaust filter (c) cleans the exhaust air that the vacuum emits. The air belt (d) disperses the filtered exhaust air around the canister which provides a quiet, gentle air flow.

The S-class filtration system, as described above, results in 99.9% effectiveness to 0.3 microns*, making the SEBO air belt K vacuums the perfect choice for customers with allergies and asthma.

The 3-Step Filtration System

Ergonomic handles
Ergonomic HandleThe SEBO air belt K handles are ergonomically designed and positioned to reduce wrist and arm fatigue. The K3 handle is even more elaborate with an additional swivel built into the handle.