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SEBO Automatic X Series Uprights

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SEBO Makes Supreme Quality Cleaning Equipment for Home and Office

SEBO products are made in Germany by the world's largest manufacturer of commercial upright vacuum cleaners.

SEBO vacuum cleaners are tough, reliable, and thoroughly engineered. Compare a SEBO with any other machine and you will see the difference.

   See SEBO X4 Atutomatic Extra (Red)
  See SEBO X4 Atutomatic (White/Gray)
  See SEBO X4Atutomatic (Blue/Yellow)
  See SEBO X5 Atutomatic (Blue/Yellow)
Exceptional Performance-Automatic Adjustment

Brush Removal
Removing the brush roller is easy.

automatic X Series

To SEBO, design is something more than superficial styling. SEBO vacuum cleaners are built to work. Professional users prefer SEBO worldwide. With good reason! Our success is due to our innovative products and our strong focus on quality. Modern technology, state-of-the-art design, and consistent customer focus are found in all SEBO products. They are easy to maintain and simple to use.

The automatic X machines will give exceptional cleaning performance, automatically adjusting themselves to the optimum cleaning height. They will switch themselves off automatically if they are jammed, blocked, or if the bag is full. Once located on the holder, the bag will load into the machine automatically, simply by your closing the cover.

When it comes to upright vacuums, the intelligent choice is automatic.

Changing the filter bags and filters is easy.

SEBO X4 Diagram Filtration
Perfect Function: Brush Action, Suction and Filtration
The brush removes the dirt and hair and moves it to the suction chamber. The strong airflow carries the debris to the three-layer filter bag.

SEBO automatic X4
Automatic Height Adjustment: From Hard Floor to Carpet
The electronic controls identify the floor and the height of the carpet nap. The brush will be raised or lowered automatically. This guarantees optimal cleaning performance on all types of carpet and flooring and protects the floor from damage. And on hard floors, the SEBO automatic X, with its intelligent design, cleans incredibly well. The sealing strip on the bottom of the machine stops the kickback of dirt and channels the airflow through the remaining three sides, increasing the cleaning performance. Filter diagram


The High Efficiency Filter System
The SEBO automatic X delivers S-Class filtration as a standard feature and is well suited for sufferers of allergies or asthma.

Three Steps of Filtration: First, the three-layer filter bag collects the vast majority of the debris. Then, the remainder of the particles are collected by the micro-hygiene filter. Only the smallest, most harmless of particles remain. And to ensure you the cleanest air possible, there is also an exhaust filter.

Unmatched Reliability
German-engineered and constructed to the highest standards.

Power through Efficiency
Active Height Control, a Timing Belt-driven Brush Roller, and an Intelligent Filter Configuration allow the automatic X series to clean effectively while using less energy.

Belts Designed to Last the Life of the Machine
Forget about the Belts!

Slimline Design
Slimline Design
With a clearance of only 5 inches, here is finally an upright that will go under your bed!

3-year Parts Warranty
Allows you the Peace of Mind that comes with knowing you have chosen a machine that we will stand behind.