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SEBO X4 Automatic(Red and Gray)

SEBO X4 Automatic(Red and Gray)

Product Description

Poweful, practical and easy to use.

Automatic Height adjustment: from Hard Floor to Carpet.

The SEBO automatic X-Series Vacuum cleaner is the most technically advanced upright vacuum cleaner in the world. Its ability to monitor the resistance of the brush roller against the floor allows it to raise or lower the power head automatically to the proper cleaning height.

The SEBO automatic X4 is available in Red and Gray(X4 Extra-9559AM), Blue and Yellow(9577AM) or White and Gray(9570AM)

Technical Data X4
Vacuum Motor 1300 Watts
Air Flow (at motor) 103.8 CFM
Water Lift (at motor) 92 inch
Cord Length 40 ft
Sound Level 69 dB A
Body Weight 16.7 lbs.
Working width 12 inch
Motor protection Electronic cut-out
Brush speed 3100 RPM
Brush Drive Toothed belt with electronic overload protection
Tools Included** Upholstery Nozzle, Dusting Brush, Crevice Tool

**Additional Attachments are Available.
Turbo Brush and 9 ft Extension Hose

Turbo Brush for Stairs and Upholstery.Air Driven.\ Rotating Brush 9 ft Flexible Extension Hose
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