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SHARP Air Purifiers

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SHARP Air Purifiers Product Description

SHARPs Plasmacluster air purifiers include models FP-P60CX, FP-P40CX. Based on SHARPs innovative Plasmacluster Ion technology, the air purifiers clean air as well as remove odors, airborne irritants, allergens and smoke, which can be bothersome to consumers in their own home. The products are simple to use and care for, and the sleek design integrates easily into any decor.

The air purifier line features SHARPs Plasmacluster Ion technology, which generates positive and negative ions that reach all areas of the room to efficiently and effectively clean the targeted air space. The models are also equipped with a triple filtration system, which includes a True HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter and an active carbon filter that work to remove household odors. These units also feature Library Quiet performance.


  • Air status indicator measures the presence of odor and dust particles.
  • Inverter controlled fan- powerful HIGH mode with 141 cubic feet per minute airflow-18 cubic feet/minute airflow for Library Quiet sound
  • Remote Control Features for: Ion Control button, Auto cluster ion button.
  • Special program mode-helps reduce airborne allergens.
  • Timer with settings for 1, 4 and 8 Hour cycles.
Recommended Floor Area(approximate)

330 sq ft ( 16 x 22 )

253 sq ft (14 x 18 )

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