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Vacuum Bag Shopping Guide

Genuine Bag

Original Vacuum Bags made by, or manufactured for the manufacturer of the machine. Meets the original engineered manufacturers specification(OEM) standard designed by the maker of the machine. Often times, the manufacturers offer Regular and Micro filtration bags in same type bag. If you need higher quality filter bag, choose micro filtration bags. Click Genuine bag button for original bags. Check OEM part number and type of the bag before you order to make sure you are ordering right bag .

Replacement Bag or Generic Bag

These bags are made by vacuum bag manufacturers other than original vacuum manufacturer.. Designed and made to fit commonly used vacuum machines. Replacement or Generic brand vacuum bags for almost all of the commonnly used vacuum machines are available in the market today. Replacement and Generic brand bags are also come in Regular and Microfiltration qualities. Check your brand name of the machine and bag style before you place an order.

What is HEPA filter ?

HEPA(High Efficiency Particulate Air)Filter is a throwaway, extended-media, dry type filter with a rigid casing enclosing the full depth of the pleats. The filter should perform efficiency of 99.97% filtration when tested at an aeresol diameter of 0.3 micronmeters aerodynamic diameter. HEPA filters are commonly used filtering exhaust air of vacuum machines not in vacuum bags. Some of vacuum bags carry the word -HEPA -on their package, but the bag itself is not a HEPA filter. Some of micro filtering quality vacuum bags filter as fine as HEPA filters.

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