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Eureka Vacuum Filters

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Eureka Type STK Filter 61544 - Genuine Part
HF9 - HEPA filter for Victory/Sanitaire,Smart Vac,Whirlwind Eka Part#60285B
Excalibur, Europa, Oxygen Canister HEPA, HF1 (#60286A-6)
"HF5" HEPA Filter for LiteSpeed 5700, 5800
HEPA Filter for Ultra Smart 4800 Series Uprights, Eureka Part #61111
Washable HEPA Filter, Eureka Part #61510, 4300, 4400, SC4180
"HF7" HEPA Filter for 2270 and2940 Series Uprights, Eureka #61850
"HF6" Long HEPA-type Insert, Eureka Part #61835
"HF8" Mighty Mite "MM" HEPA Filter, Eureka # 60666B-6
Self Propelled, Micron Filter Inserts 2/pk (#60801)
Ultra Smart 4800 Series Upright HEPA Filter HF2, Eureka #61111-6
Victory/Whirlwind series HEPA Value Pack (#60951B)
Victory/Whirlwind Pre Motor Filter,Eureka Part #61333-12
DCF2 - Dust Cup Fiter, Eureka Part# 61805 or #39345
HF4 Exhaust, HEPA Side Door, Eureka Part #61505-6
Dust Cup Filter,96B 162A, 164B, 169A Filter Eureka Part #61544
Washable HEPA Filter, Eureka Part #61840-4
CMF-1, Cassette/Motor Filter 2+2/PK, Ereka #61940-old#60696
Motor Filter for 78A, Eureka Part # 60684
Washable HEPA Filter For 6999A (#61053)
Motor Filter, Ultra Smart, Eureka Part #70082
"DCF1" Dust Cup Filter, Eureka Part #61700
"DCF3" Dust Cup, Eureka Part #61825, #62136
Dust Cup Filter, Eureka Part #71548
"DCF5" Dust Cup Filter 402/404, Eureka Part #62130-2
"DCF4" Filter GE5550 Dust Cup, Eureka Part #62132-2
Washable HEPA Filter SP6950, EL012W-10
DCF-10, DCF14 Eureka 430 Series Lightweight Bagless Filter
Eureka Dust Cup Filter (CMD8)- Eureka #61770
DCF-16 Replacement Filter Frame with Foam
Replacement Eureka HEPA Filter for 2270 and 2940 Series Uprights
Eureka Filter HF16 for 5400 AS5200 AS5203 AS5210 EF35 Models