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Kenmore Brush Roller 8192670, 8175102 and 742454

Kenmore Brush Roller 8192670, 8175102 and 742454
Listed Price:$42.95
Our Price:$36.85

Product Description

Vacuum Brand: Kenmore (SEARS) Power Nozzle of Whispertone and Power Mate Canister vacuums
Fits: 14 inch Power-Mate Power Nozzle - Brush Roller
Kenmore Brush Part Number: 8192670, 8175102 and 742454
Description: Complete assembly with ball bearing and end caps. Replaces old style brush roller 8175102 and 742454
Fits Power Nozzle Models : 116- 52512200, 52512202, 52512203, 52512203, 52512204, 52512205 and 116-52513200, 52513201, 52513202, 52513203, 52513204, 52513205

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Note: Brush Roller # 742454 is no longer available. Use 8192670 to replace. Use 8192670 to replace brush roller 8175102.
Belt :This brush roll uses Kenmore belt type 20-5285 (Geared Belt)
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Kenmore Belt 20-5285 For Whispertone, Power Mate Power Nozzle- 2/pk, Replaces Belt No. 20-40110
Fits :All Kenmore Whispertone and Power Mate Canister Vacuum Power Nozzle.Replaces Belt# 742024 and 20-40110 (For models sold in Canada)
Also fits Hayden Central Vacuum Power Nozzle 7500.
Brush Rollers: This belt fits Kenmore Brushrollers - 8192670, 8175102 and 742454. Hayden Central Vac Power Nozzle. 2/pk

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Listed Price:$12.95
Our Price:$9.75
Kenmore Progressvie Canister HEPA Filter 20-86880
Vacuum Brand: Kenmore Progressive
Fits: All Progressive Canisters and Uprights using HEPA Filter# 20-86880 Part# KC38KBRMZ000
Kenmore Part Number: 8175116, KC38KBRMZ000. Filter No.20-86880
Description:OEM Quality HEPA filter for most of Kenmore Progressive Canister Vacuum Cleaners. Filter Size - 4.5"L x 2.1"W x 0.9H
Listed Price:$14.95
Our Price:$8.95
Kenmore Canister, Secondary Filter (Replacement) - 4370609 (CF1)
Premium Quality 2 Ply Filter
Fits All Kenmore Canister Vacuum Named as “Intuition”, “Progressive”, “Whistpertone”. - Secondary Filter (Installed behind dust bag) 5"x5" square Two Ply Filter- One side is White Felt The Other Side is Black Foam. Installed as White Side Facing Dust Bag. Replaces Kenmore part# 4370609 (20-86883) -Also replaces # 8175084, CF1
Kenmore Progressive Power Nozzle Rear Wheels Set- 4370724 and Bushing - 8191778. 2/Pk
Kenmore Progressive Power Nozzle Rear Wheels - Part # 4370724 and Bushing - Part # 8191778 (Price for 2 wheels and 2 bushings per pack) Diameter 3 inches
Kenmore Canister Style Q, Style C Bag - 20-5055 and 20-50558 3/pk
Kenmore Style C, Q, 20-5055, 50558 Bag
Premium Quality Vacuum Bag with Advanced Fiber Filtration
Traps up to 100% of Dust, Pet Dander, Mold & Pollen
3-Ply Construction is Stronger than Paper
Will Not Tear During Use.
Improved Vacuum Performance
Minimizes Loss of Suction as the Bag Fills
Synthetic Fiber Media
Will Not Support Growth of Mold, Fungus, Bacteria
Fit Kenmore Bag Type C. Bag # 50558, also for Panasonic C-5, 9/pk
Most Popular Kenmore Canister Bag Type C. Fits All Whispertone and Progressive Canister vacuums. Kenmore Bag No. 20-5055 and/or 20-50558. Also for Panasonic Canister Vacuums uses bag type C-5.